Travelling By Public Transport: An Evaluation!

Are you someone who usually travels by public transport? Although public transport may not always be the best mode of transport, it has undoubtedly made life easier and cheaper. Especially for those who are unable to own their own vehicles. Here is an evaluation of public transport in common.

Cheap way of travelling

Public transport is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ways to travelling. It helps you save up a considerable sum yearly on your transport expenses. You don’t have to worry about pumping petrol, which can cost you quite a lot especially if you are someone who frequently travels. Most countries have a system that is computerized where the passengers don’t even have to pay by cash but they just need to swipe their card and make the payments at the end of the month.

Meet new people / no driving stress

Driving can be stressful and very difficult with almost everyone in most countries owning their own vehicles. Only a handful of drivers actually follow all the rules to the dot. Especially when it comes to driving in the main roads., it can be very stressful because the other motorists don’t always follow the rules. You also have the option to meet new people whilst travelling in public modes. You are free spirited and you will hence be able to make new friends with that happy moods. You can also watch the vending machine repairs Australia that is most often the case at the bus halts or train stations!

Metros and trains are faster but buses are slower

Metros and trains are evidently much faster modes of travel. Although they are public transport modes you don’t have to worry about too much crowd unless it is peak times. At other times it is recommended for travel because not only is it faster than other travel modes it is more peaceful and cleaner as well! Buses on the other hand are some more slowly than travelling in an own vehicle. So if you are going on an urgent journey it is best to either go by own vehicle of opt for a ride in the train or metro. Most of the metro stations also have vending machines from which you can purchase food something to eat or drink.


The biggest problem with public transport comes the safety. The safety of women and children as usual is one of the biggest issues when travelling in public transport. And since recent times people don’t like to travel alone in the public transports especially at night. Because there have been tragic incidents that has put fear in the minds of the passengers.