The Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Dealing With Your Forwarder

Freight forwarders can easily reduce the number of worries you have with regards to your shipments, and they can certainly speed up the process whilst cutting down expenses. However, they cannot do this without your proper cooperation. Below are some of the mistakes that could prevent them from expressing their full potential:

  • Providing the wrong information – when it comes to important information, there is a reason why double-checking is essential. One of the most common mistakes that trouble freight forwarding companies is simply down to bad proofreading. By providing incorrect information and documentation, you can easily delay the whole shipping process. Always make sure that the details you provide are correct: remember that the sizing, weight, and other details about your products can greatly affect the costs of transportation, so make sure they are properly measured and documented!
  • Not providing clear details – sometimes, freight forwarders Brisbane receive correct information, but it is either not clear enough, or simply lacking. This point is especially important if you will be a regular client of the freight forwarder: make sure that you provide as many relevant details with regards to the product as possible. This can help the freight forwarder find the best route for shipment and clarify other necessary details and conditions.
  • Delaying important documentation – another careless mistake that many companies make is delaying the provision of important documentation. By not submitting the required documents on time, you easily risk tying up the shipments at customs clearance and the like, which can end up delaying the whole process. Make it a priority to provide every necessary document to the freight forwarder as soon as is possible – being early is never problematic, after all.
  • Having unrealistic expectation – this mistake does not cause trouble per se, but it can simply sour relations between you and the freight forwarders. Many people tend to have extremely unrealistic expectations of how quick or cheap shipping can be, and they expect the freight forwarders to match these expectations. It is simply not possible to achieve some of these, which is why it is important to inform yourself about the process of shipping as much as possible.
  • Judging the freight forwarder by their website – nowadays, websites provide an image of a company, in certain cases, that being the only face of the company (i.e. online stores). However, do not make it a point to judge the ability, experience and other characteristics of a freight forwarder simply by what is on their website. Remember that in many cases, a website is supposed to only give you an idea of the company. Instead, pay a visit or make a call to find out more information about the freight forwarder.